About Us

ONIMPEKS Textile is established in Denizli, city of Turkey. Our company extends over an area of 4500 m² and started its business life buying and selling domestic and imported yarn. 

We keep growing our capacity and our trade. ONIMPEKS produces, creates and provides the best products to brands and retailers from small to large orders with competitive prices. Our priority is to guarantee the highest quality standards to meet our customers’ needs through competitive pricing, an outstanding quality and a reliable delivery. 

Our Company has over 20 years of experience in the textile sector, allowing our team to be competent in the areas of foreign trade, customs and logistic. Our team is conscious about the business and does everything in its power to allow the best production and an on-time shipment.

Capacity of production:
50.000 pcs / month for garments

We leverage our extensive global network, and we have a depth experience in market knowledge and advanced technologies in order to respond rapidly to evolving consumers’ demands and production trends. The relationship we have with our customers, our suppliers’ network and our operations are unbeatable.

Our business is built on our time-honored values, our approach to sustainability and our community engagement.
Our continuous success and future growth are allowed by our global network, financial strength and our leadership.

Follow innovation worldwide and we are a company who develop and innovate in the pursuit of technical quality.

ONIMPEKS has created its own respected brand: ONTOWELL.